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Drug-Free Workplace Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medication Free Workplace Campaign - Essay Example Through this order, the legislature has charged bosses to uphold the medication laws and expect representatives to take the medication test. The legislature has likewise required its own work power, temporary workers and transport utilities to experience the equivalent. The 1977 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (no most recent information accessible) indicated that 47% of respondents said their managers agree to tranquilize testing. This report appeared upwards of 50 million medication tests are played out each year in the US, creating income of $1.5 billion. A few organizations have acknowledged medication free working environment as a reserve funds in its financial sense, albeit direct advantage relations can't be shown up at. For example, elaws, in 2008 report, noticed that in the wake of actualizing a medication free work environment, Warner Corp. a little pipes organization in Washington, has spared $485,000 in one year. The organization has credited this reserve funds from a reduction number of mishaps in the work environment coming about to bring down vehicle protection premium and lower worker’s pay cost. The medication free environment in the organization has likewise pulled in candidates and students that has given the organization extra investment funds. Bosses who credited to this arrangement saw an exceptional proficiency increment in the work environment. The US Dept. of Labor said that as indicated by the American Management Association, that because of expanded mindfulness on medicate testing, human asset directors have evaluated seen viability from â€Å"50 percent in 1987 to 90 percent in 1996†. Jacob Sultum, in a 2002 report, said that, harking back to the 1990s when the report about the pestilence of medication maltreatment on America came out, managers got frightened and began considering drug testing. They don't need some insane individuals in the organization doing fiasco and murdering somebody Medication testing acquires some cost both for the business and the representatives. In 1995, the normal yearly expense for organization supported testing for a worker is $26.59 and for $21.47 for

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Animal Liberation essays

Creature Liberation expositions While the holiness and prosperity of life has been held at the zenith of homocentric morals and ethics, the interests of non-people have been ignored because of a typical conviction that the life of a creature is inconsequential and along these lines nonessential. Mankind has accepted situation at the highest point of a force based progressive system that includes all living things, accordingly offering insistence to the idea that creatures are substandard compared to people and thus defending the abuse and abuse of non-people. By ignoring the capacity for creatures to see agony, enduring and delight, mankind have expelled their privileges as individual living things and consigned them to a presence of subjection, torment and butcher. The way of thinking that epitomizes creature freedom, moves to restore the rights and natural estimation of every living being so as to make a balance between all living things, where no species has matchless quality over another, and all creatures have an inborn right to life. The fundamental guideline of balance doesn't require equivalent or indistinguishable treatment; it requires equivalent thought (Singer, 1991:2). In this way every individual must be seen as a one of a kind being with their own inborn worth, and the equal relationship that is shown inside human culture can be reached out to incorporate non-people, through an ethic of regard and worry for nature. It is the distinctions inside human culture and inside nature that prompts social, otherworldly and physical decent variety, and subsequently non-people ought not be undermined as people because of their physical and anatomical appearance. By contrarily concentrating on contrasts in acumen, moral limit and physical appearance among people and non-people, a division of rights and regard has been drawn, whereby any creature paying little mind to their capacities or attributes, is sentenced to an authoritarian presence. The major wrong that is inbuilt into human culture, is the framework that ... <!

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Porters Five Forces Model on ASDA Marketing Essay

Porters Five Forces Model on ASDA Marketing Essay The task that all business managers have to complete effectively is analysis of competitive forces in the industry environment for identification of potential opportunities and threats. To accomplish this objective in a systematic, organized way, Michael E. Porter created his globally known framework now termed the Five Forces Model (Hill and Jones 42). The model is now widely used by managers worldwide to analyze forces shaping the industry, such as the risk of potential rivals’ entry to the market, overall intensity of rivalry in the current market, the bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, and the closeness of substitutes to the company’s products (Ahlstrom and Bruton 131). Once these forces are clearly evaluated and understood, the firm can develop a strategy for development and empowerment in its business sector. Hence, this essay is dedicated to analysis of a well-known UK-based company Asda with the help of Porter’s Five Forces Model. In terms of current competitors, Asda faces fierce competition from the side of other retail giants such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Morrisons, etc. Given their impressive size and strength, the key leaders in this industry compete with price wars, superb service, and excellent product quality. Speaking about the threat of new entrants, it is high in the field, with many international giants planning and executing aggressive market entries in the UK. For instance, Asda also became a part of such an initiative when it was acquired by the US retail giant Wal-mart, which now sets the trend for cut-price shopping and other ‘category busting’ techniques (Cheveton 76). Next, the bargaining power of customers should be analyzed. In the case of Asda, it is in a beneficial position in this regard because it offers a unique combination of low pricing and high quality of products and service. This strategy allows Asda to maintain its popularity among customers who make their shopping locale selection based on the offers they get from various competitors. As it was previously mentioned, Asda is at an even greater advantage after being purchased by Wal-Mart, which helps it involve in price-cutting more effectively, attracting greater numbers of shoppers with appealing prices (Industrial Analysis). As for the bargaining power of suppliers, Asda also has a strong, stable relationship with over 500 suppliers who provide its grocery stores with highest-quality goods. Therefore, the risk from this side is also minimal for Asda in terms of risking its competitive market position. Finally, one has to analyze the threat of substitute products. At present, Asda faces tough competition in this aspect because there are many competitors among supermarkets and grocery stores in the UK, and there is nothing unique for Asda to offer to clients and achieve differentiation as a brand. Moreover, competition continues to intensify because of the growing number of convenience shops and off-license shops effectively substituting Asda’s facilities (West, Ford and Ibrahim 76). The major aspect of threat comes from competitors offering substitutes in terms of fair pricing and service offers. It can be thus concluded that though Asda enjoys a stable position in the UK grocery market and successfully competes with other market leaders, there are new market entrants offering similar products and services, which is a major source of risks for the near future.

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A Call For Gun Control - 1543 Words

A Call for Gun Control America s love for guns can be traced back to when we were a young country trying to settle the frontier. Guns played a vital role in the daily life of isolated pioneers, whose survival was often dependent on one s ability to protect oneself, hunt for food, and on occasion used for sport. Guns were a necessary evil. Yet when towns became established and the amenities of a citified society emerged, people continued to keep and use their weapons. Today the issue of whether our government needs to regulate the ownership of guns is widely debated. Any effort to limit gun ownership is often viewed as an infringement of individual rights. It is an emotionally charged topic and both sides take a strong position. Yet, the issue warrants a discussion because of the high mortality and injury rate caused by these weapons. It addresses a fundamental Constitutional right, and the right to protect oneself from harm. This essay addresses the need for sensible gun contro l legislation that defends the Second Amendment and the right of a citizen to protect himself, while instituting some laws that will safeguard society. Most adults are familiar with the National Rifle Association (NRA). This Association takes the position that gun control is a threat to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution (Wolpert 255). Its concern is valid since that law defends the right of a person to keep and bear arms. If the government, especially a renegade government,Show MoreRelatedGun Control1095 Words   |  5 PagesGun Control: The Battle Rages On Abstract This paper discusses and is centered around the on-going debate over gun control, I directly address how each major political party views this subject and what I believe the United States Government should do to be able to best combat this tremendous issue. I use research from multiple sources that contrast each side of the argument and give an overall insight into the world of modernized gun control. Gun Control: The Battle Rages On With the SecondRead MoreOnline Campaigns For Stricter Gun Control Laws966 Words   |  4 Pagesentitled â€Å"Gun groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders, putting lives at risk† is unrealistic in its accusations, as well as inflammatory. This article defines swatting as â€Å"the act of tricking an emergency service into dispatching responders based on a false report† and manufatures the outrageous claim that the people with guns are the victims when the people who are calling the police feel as if they are in enough danger to do so. Online campaigns for stricter gun control laws areRead MoreThe world is filled with violence because criminals have guns , we good citizens should also have1100 Words   |  5 Pagesworld is filled with violence because criminals have guns , we good citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they would win and the decent people lose . After tragic incidents like Columbia or Virginia Tech has generated a huge debate on gun control . The explosion of such events has trivialized the issue of gun control. , This is very dangerous , as this is not a trivial matter. The decisions should never be based on fear or panic . Gun control is as complex as the concept of freedom issue and thereforeRead MoreBennett Dorton. English 11. 1-26-17.Gun Control In America.1270 Words   |  6 PagesBennett Dorton English 11 1-26-17 Gun Control In America Every time a gun injures or kills in self defense it is used seven times in a criminal assault or homicide; furthermore the main argument against stricter gun laws is the fact that they are needed for self defense. Gun control is a very controversial and debatable topic, and many people have different opinions. In the Constitution, The Second Amendment gives the right to bear arms, but there have been restrictionsRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control983 Words   |  4 PagesGun control has been a major issue in American politics for decades, despite the fact that the founding fathers made their views on the subject quite clear. George Washington once remarked that, â€Å"Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself.† The second amendment goes further, stating that every American has the legal right to own and bear arms. However, despite these clear statements, calls for gun control are ubiquitous and are now coming from politicians, businesses a nd evenRead MoreThe Issue Of Gun Control Laws1410 Words   |  6 PagesWith better gun control laws in effect these killings and murders would not have been possible. The government, the states, and the people all need to work together to come to a solution to prevent things like this in the future. Better gun control laws would mean less killings and murders happening around the world. Think of it like this, you at work and you get a call saying that there was a shooting at your family member’s job, or school, etc. With better gun control laws that call will never comeRead MoreGun Control Laws Do Not Reduce Gun Violence779 Words   |  4 Pages Gun control laws Introduction: I believe that gun control laws will actually increase robberies, murders, and other crime. Think of it like this ok, you and your kids are sleeping in your beds. Then you hear your front door being kicked in. You see people walking around your house stealing your tv’s, your kids game systems, computers, and jewelry. You begin to go for the phone and call 911, but they see you and they start to run at you and your kids with a knife. Would you rather have a gun orRead MoreGun Laws And Gun Control Essay1580 Words   |  7 PagesPro Gun Control In the United States, there is approximately 88.8 guns per 100 people, which is the highest per capita in the world ( Due to gun violence, 306 people in America die every day (Brady Campaign). Pro gun control activists claim that gun laws are weak which causes a dramatic increase in deaths amongst the U.S. The nation has lifted gun laws in several states over the past two decades, and with the freedom caused a series of deadly shootings (LaFraniere and Palmer). Gun violenceRead MoreNegative Effects Of Gun Control954 Words   |  4 PagesNegative Effects of Gun Control The recent terrorist situations in America could have turned out differently if the victims had been armed. There have been too many terrorist situations lately in America. Many people who are not in favor of gun rights want to make it more difficult or even impossible for citizens to purchase weapons. When stricter gun control is enforced, then citizens may not be able to protect themselves. We need to find a way to prevent gun related tragedies, but that doesRead MoreGun Control Research Paper1274 Words   |  6 Pageswith constant tragedies striking the United States, such as massacres in public high schools and universities, mall shootings, and attempted assassinations on state representatives, it’s no wonder law makers are constantly debating the topic of gun control. The history of firearms has changed dramatically since the late 1700’s. A rifle is no longer defined as a single shot, muzzle loading musket. Should modernized, high caliber, automatic rifles and handguns be protected

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Essay about Life of a Slave in the Caribbean - 1450 Words

Life of a Slave in the Caribbean The experience of Caribbean slavery is vital in understanding the contemporary social structure of the region. It was the introduction of an estimated four million Africans to the Caribbean which made these islands melting pots of culture and society. Since Africans had such a tremendous impact on the region, it is important that we recognize the nature of slavery and how it transformed their lives. Although most agree that the institution was dehumanizing, the social relations of slavery help to explain the development of the Caribbean’s identity. In order to understand slavery it is imperative to recognize that it’s introduction to the Caribbean was driven by colonizers need for economic expansion†¦show more content†¦As a result of the distinctions among field and domestic slaves a social hierarchy developed on the majority of plantations. As sugar and other agriculture became more important to the economies of the Caribbean islands the colonies evolved from settlement colonies to exploitation colonies. The consequences of the exploitation colonies was that Africans outnumbered the European ruling class. As a result, for upper-class whites, race rather than class and nationality became a consoling, fraternal bond ( Knight 150). Because race became so important to the colonizers, by the eighteenth century, skin color became a socially defining factor on plantations. Ultimately color became the ticket to social mobility and this created divisions among slaves on the plantation. The majority of the plantations throughout the Caribbean were similar in structure because all the colonizers wanted to maximize profits. Still there were lots of distinctions amongst the islands. In Puerto Rico for example, the Spanish established strict slave codes which gave slaves more rights than in many other colonies. These codes allowed the majority of slaves to own property, cultivate subsistence plots, and live in family units which promoted stable unions (Beckles 62). As a result, the increase in slave numbers was not a reflection of new Africans but rather the growth of slave families. In Cuba on the other hand, the sugar industry becameShow MoreRelatedOpression of Caribbean Peole817 Words   |  4 PagesQuestion: Using examples from the Caribbean, explain how Caribbean people throughout history has responded to oppression. The Caribbean, known as a group of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, is inhabited by a mixture of people of diverse races, cultures, personalities and beliefs; the end result of slavery and oppression. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, oppression can be defined as â€Å"Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control; or the state of beingRead More Caribbean Culture and the Way it Formed Essay1196 Words   |  5 PagesCaribbean Culture and the Way it Formed One of the greatest debates that exists today about the Caribbean is the condition of the socio-culture of the people. Sidney Mintz, Antonio Benitz-Rojo, and Michelle Cliff are three authors that comment on this problem in their writings. They discuss whether there is a lack of identify, unity and culture in the lives of Caribbean people. They examine a culture which was created out of the chaos of slavery, colonialism and the integration of cultures thatRead MoreEssay on History of Slavery in the Caribbean720 Words   |  3 PagesHistory of Slavery in the Caribbean The institution of slavery has played a major role in the history, and the shaping of the Caribbean. Therefore, in order to truly understand the Caribbean one must completely understand slavery itself. Slavery can be defined as belonging to a person, or being treated like a piece of property, and not having any individual freedom This was essentially the life many Africans lived for many centuries in the Caribbean . The master’s had total freedom and controlRead MoreWomen s Influence On Women1084 Words   |  5 PagesThere have been great debates that cause people to have a deep interest in the lives of slave women during slavery in the Caribbean and the Southern parts of the USA. According to Deborah Gray White women has lost their identity, because the history of women has been based off of myth rather than the history of women (ar’n’t I a woman page 3). History is supposed to give people a clearly look into their past, but women believe that they have to prove their women hood; although, many women has provenRead MoreSurvival of African Culture on an 18th Century Sugar Plantation867 Words   |  4 Pagesthere was constant battle between slaves and planters , for the slaves needed to keep their cultural forms alive. Harsh treatment of slaves by the planter, often forced slaves to resort to various forms of resistance in order to keep their cultural forms alive. While the slaves of the plantation were able outsmart the planter at times, the planter also devised wicked schemes that made life for slaves extremely difficult. Cultural forms practiced by African slaves on the plantations included musicRead MoreAmerican Institutional And Intellectual Life Essay1455 Words   |  6 PagesAmerica, and whether it reduced slaves to a child-like state of dependency and incompetence. Anthropologist Melville Herskovits, and historian Stanley Elkins both weigh in on this debate: Herskovits with, The Myth of the Negro Past, and Elkins with, Slavery: A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life. In, Slavery: A Problem in American Institutional and Intellectual Life, Elkins asserts that African culture was all but destroyed by a repression of the slaves’ rights, at the hands of theirRead More The Social Impact of Slavery on the Caribbean Society Essay1336 Words   |  6 PagesThe Social Impact of Slavery on the Caribbean Society In order for us to understand the Caribbean, we must acknowledge the tremendous social impact slavery placed upon the islands. We must not only consider the practice of slavery dating back to the indigenous peoples, but from what the introduction of the African slave trade did to the islands economically as well as culturally. In this paper let me reflect on slavery in the Caribbean not from an economical standpoint but, from the racial orRead MoreSugar And Slaves By Richard Dunn1514 Words   |  7 Pageswealth. However, for the colonists living on these islands it was an intense struggle between enormous fortune and a premature death. Richard Dunn, author of Sugar and Slaves: The Rise of the Planter Class in the English West Indies, 1624-1713, decided to shed light on these seldom mentioned groups of settlers, who chose the Caribbean islands over mainland America. The first settlers of the islands being buccaneers, along with their short lifespan, coupled with the monoculture of th e islands and aRead MoreEssay on Caribbean Society1353 Words   |  6 PagesCaribbean Society An Essay on the Culture of Incarceration A suggestion was made, in the context of the classroom setting that an interesting assignment would be to question shoppers at a suburban mall about slavery in the Caribbean and to capture the responses on videotape. An initial thought in response to this suggestion was to wonder just how one would go about eliciting any sort of meaningful response from a likely ill-informed and possibly disinterested group of consumers in centralRead More The Institution of Slave Trade Essay1533 Words   |  7 PagesThe Institution of Slave Trade The institution of slave trade and the actual experiences of slavery that occurred in the Caribbean were to form a monumental part of that regions culture, society, and everyday interactions, both in the past and in the present. The culture that is present today in the Caribbean is the result of many different influences varying from those introduced by ruling colonial countries, to influences that the slaves stressed, and even from brand new colonies being developed

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Nutritional Assessment Project Free Essays

Nutrition is an essential part in everyone’s life. It helps us stay healthy and energetic, look nice and be in a good mood. It plays a great role for the overall condition. We will write a custom essay sample on Nutritional Assessment Project or any similar topic only for you Order Now And there is a great difference what you eat and how many vitamins and useful elements every food item includes. The analysis of the daily nutrition record helps realize whether a person consumes the right food in the right quantity. A woman aged 40 years has the following characteristic: 5 ft 4 in and165 lb. These characteristic features are essential in the course of analyzing the nutritional data as they allow forming certain set of recommendations and diagnosing the errors and inconsistencies in the food choice. The activity level is sedentary. This means that a woman should reconsider her way of life and start go in for some kind of sport or at least take some walks in the evening. It is not only useful for health but also helps with digestion and metabolism. BMI is the next crucial point. It slightly exceeds the normal ratio. Besides, the woman gains usually 1 lb per week. This is a positive figure as the normal ratio amount not more than two lb per week. It is important first of all to analyze the correlation between the nutrient elements that were consumed by the woman in comparison with the dietary graph recommendations. It is obviously that she consumes too much fat, especially saturated one. It affects negatively not only her weight, but also her health in general. Besides, she consumes too little dietary fiber – it constitutes only 53%. It is desirable for her to increase the amount of consumed water as it comprises only 70% of the daily need of a person and to decrease the amount of protein consummation. The woman should start consuming more vitamins, especially vitamins D, E and A. Still such vitamins as B1 and B3 seem to be excessive to be consumed as an average daily amount. The best balance is achieved in consumption of vitamin B12 – it amounts to 99% and is very important as it regulates growth, maintenance, and reproduction of all of the cells, including nervous ones, and results in increased energy and improved overall condition (CyberRecovery, 2006). It is highly recommended for a woman to increase the amount of consumed calcium as it is only 34% of the daily norm while the use of sodium should be necessarily reduced at least in three times. It is necessary to analyze the products this woman usually eats. There are two days’ descriptions. She has for breakfast coffee and creamer, for lunch – cheeseburger, French fries and frozen dessert, then for dinner – fish and fried shrimps, and finally for supper – pop-corn and water. The other day she has the same breakfast while the lunch is larger and includes mashed potato with pork chops and sauerkraut, soda and water. Her dinner consists of mushroom turnovers, sandwich, steak and Tater Tots. She has a vanilla ice cream as a snack later and no supper. It is important to analyze the options the woman should increase in her daily diet. It is necessary to increase the consumption of dietary fiber that is included in the following products from the list: sauerkraut, mushroom turnovers, and in little quantity it may be found in Tater Tots and ice cream. So she should eat more vegetables to supply the organism with necessary amount of dietary fiber. To increase the amount of vitamin A, that one day is completely absent from her diet, the woman should eat more potato, carrot, greens, and especially liver as it is number one among the products that contain this vitamin (HealthAliciousNess). Apricots are also a good source of vitamin A. In order to increase the amount of calcium the woman should eat more meat – but not fast food. The best variant is steamed meat dishes. The fast food items should be excluded from the diet at all as they lack indeed useful and healthy elements though are abundant in harmful ones. One more essential aspect comprises obligatory use of fruit and vegetables. Regular grain consumption is also important. The woman does not follow these recommendations in her daily diet: there are at least some vegetables present, but there is complete absence of fruit. Protein consumption is enough, though the diary products are still needed. Green and orange vegetables are the best choice. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to reduce fats and sugar consumption as it interferes with the healthy diet approach. The presence of beans and peas is also essential. The question of consumed calories presents the following data: one day the calorie level amounted to 1993 calories while the other day presented the figure of 2773. The average figure is 2383 calories per day. The most caloric food item was cheeseburger (790 calories). The least caloric product except water and coffee with creamer was sauerkraut and then mashed potato (100 and 125 calories respectively). Thus, the woman’s average daily intake of calories is 2383 calories. The average daily intake of calories is supposed to be 2000 calories for a woman while for a man the figure is 2500 (NHSchoices). Though, this figure greatly depends upon the peculiarities of lifestyle and age. The conclusion is as follows: the average intake is not excessive, but the choice of food items should be carefully reconsidered taking into account the recommendations according to the reduction and increase rates in product list. References Cyber Recovery (2006). What does vitamin B12 do in your body? Retrieved from HealthAliciousNess. Top 10 foods highest in vitamin A. Retrieved from NHSchoices (2012). What should my daily intake of calories be? Retrieved from How to cite Nutritional Assessment Project, Papers

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The Great Gasby Essays - The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gasby AND THE BAND PLAYS ON. Time tells us that success often comes with a price. Often money will create more problems than it can solve. The richness of a person's soul can be hidden in the folds of money. Such is the case of Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is constantly altering in the readers mind due to the various puzzling events that transpire in the novel creating a level of mystery. First off, Gatsby is a man who feels secure in his privacy and allows very few people into his personal life due to lack of trust. Jay often throws parties at his lavish house, only to shrink away from contact with his various guests that frolic in his privately funded bashes. He does not drink, mainly because he has a high level of composure that cannot be compromised by the effects of alcohol. When the narrator, Nick Carraway, is allowed to venture into Gatsby's personal life Gatsby tells Nick only what he feels is necessary to keep him from being suspicious. The eerie thing about this is that while doing this he is so guarded that Nick often questions how concrete and truthful the information is. When discussing his past Gastby is choppy and uncomfortable telling Nick about his education and war experiences. Only when Gatsby produces a metal of valor earned in the war does Nick believe in his war service stories. Even then Nick has a hard time believing Gatsby's educational backgr ound because of his uncomfortable declaration that he attended Oxford, a very prestigious English university. Trust is not a strong point of Gastby's makeup and lifestyle. Therefore, when looking at Gatsby's most impressive traits one thing that pops up is his energetic smile, vibrant personality, and loyalty to those who he respects or cares about. It is important to mention the fact that Gatsby always seemed to make every person feel important and at ease while conversing with him. It was his nature to express courtesy to any guest he came in contact with, no matter how insignificant they were or what their occupation was. As far as loyalty is concerned, it is best represented in his devotion to Daisy Buchanan. With his money and notoriety he could have easily have had numerous love opportunities. He sacrificed all openings for love as he stoked the coals trying to ignite a past flame with a married women. Even when Jay and Daisy's relationship was over in the readers mind Gatsby still clung to a hope of having a life with her. He loyally stayed at her house to the wee hours of the morning, convinced her husband was a live wire that could erupt and p hysically punish his wife. This he displayed to a women that is impossible to love anyone but who faces the her in the mirror. Further more, all the things that Gatsby had worked hard for in the end abandoned him and led to his unfortunate death. For all of the devotion he gave Daisy she couldn't possibly love a man who was in shady business dealings, or could possibly taint her impeccably clean appearance in society. The money that he had accumulated and those who helped him accumulate it fell to wayside after his death. Meyer Wolshiem, who proclaimed that he made Gatsby in to the man he was didn't even attend his funeral. Neither did Daisy or the numerous guests that roamed the grounds of his estate on numerous weekends. What a shame to think of all the people who had benefited on behalf of Gatsby not to even attend the funeral, even given the circumstances surrounding his wealth. The man who to so many was a mystery and of profound mystic died in a untimely manner which allowed others to keep up their destructive lifestyle's with a lack of consequence. Lastly, The Jay Gatsby that everyone caught glimpses will always be a mystery to many. His life was an example of the highs and lows of the American dream. The pitfalls and plateaus that he reached show deep insight into The United States in the 1920's. All of his character traits represented different things to different people only to end in his